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Work Permit in Cyprus

Cyprus is a member country of the EU since May 1, 2004 with its geographic size of 9,251 km², and population number 847,008, as per 2015. Cypriots comprise 0.2% of the total EU population. Its capital is Nicosia and the official language in Cyprus is Greek. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is €17,421 billion, as per 2015. Cyprus’ currency is Euro (€) since it became a member of the Eurozone on January 1, 2008.  The political system is a presidential republic.

Cyprus holds 6 seats in the European Parliament and has held the revolving presidency of the Council of the EU once in 2012. Cyprus is not a member country of the Schengen Area.

Job market in Cyprus

The employment of foreigners in Cyprus is overseen by the Department of Labour. According to law, non-EU nationals have to register with the Civil Registry and Migration Department, while EU citizens can work in Cyprus without any restrictions. All expats intending to stay longer than three months have to apply at the CRMD for a registration certificate as soon as they find a job.

Jobs have, however, become scarcer in the age of austerity, and there is increased competition from locals.  

The tourism industry accounts for the largest part of Cyprus’s GDP. The market in the south is generally stronger than in the north. Overall, the industry has suffered as a result of global and local economic difficulties, but the holidaymaker’s market remains relatively secure and expats tend to be most successful at acquiring jobs in the hotel and hospitality sectors. 

Even though the business language in Cyprus is English, most jobs demand some knowledge of Greek. English-speaking expats have gotten by in tourism without speaking Greek, although this means earning relatively low wages. Opportunities are also inconsistent as there are more positions available in the summer months during peak tourist season. As a result, many of these positions are occupied by Eastern Europeans who find the salary more satisfactory.

Adventurous expats who are after a more modest way of living may find work picking fruit in the agriculture industry. Teaching English is also a possibility, although competition is fairly high and spaces are very limited.

Aside from tourism, the economy in Cyprus relies on shipping, the service industry and energy. Expats with degrees relating to finance, telecommunications, electrical engineering and IT have the best chance of getting a job in Cyprus. 

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Documents Needed:  

1.    Passport (Valid Minimum of 2 years) 

2.    Education Qualification Certificate & Mark sheet. (Minimum SSC)

3.    Work Experience Certificate. (Minimum 3-4 Years)

4.    English Language Certificate(Minimum 1 Year)

5.    Passport size Photo 4Copies.

6.    National ID card / Birth Certificate (English).

7.    Medical Test Certificate. (Hepatitis B and C, AIDS/HIV, 

Syphilis and report of chest X-ray for Tuberculosis.)

8.    Police Clearance Certificate

9.    Education Ministry

Law Ministry

Health Ministry

Bureau of Man Power Ministry

Foreign Ministry

N.B. attestation with verify by Cyprus Consulate.

10. Contract Of Employment (attestation with verify by 

Cyprus Consulate)

11. Undertaking of Employee attestation  of documents

12. Company Details of Employer

·         Passport Details/ID

·         Phone/ Mobile Number

·         Work Demand Letter Signed By Company Person

·         Purpose of work 

Currently we are seeking for Unskilled and Semi-skilled workers in

 Europe Cyprus such as:

·         Hotel & restaurants

·         Construction workers

·         Service Workers

·         Miners

·         Cleaners

·         Many More offers



·         Possibility to apply for Europe Cyprus citizenship after 5 years of work

 in Europe Cyprus;

·         Free Medical System;

·         Opportunity to travel in Europe without visas;

·         Covered Annual leave;

·         Renewable job contract;

·         Accommodation Free

·         Food two times per day provided

·         Transport Internal transport provided 

·         Annual leave:  14 paid days per year after completing 12 months of


·         Working hours 8 working hours per day