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Sample Statement of Purpose (SoP) for MSC in Accounting and Finance (Advanced Diploma) programme in the UK


Here is a sample statement of Purpose (SoP) for MSC Accounting and Finance (Advanced Diploma) programme at the  BPP University from a Bangladeshi student. Download this free Statement of Purpose template to create an SoP document for your desired UK university admission application. 

There is hardly any field where accounting and finance have not made its presence felt. I am keen to follow the MSC Accounting and Finance (Advanced Diploma) programme and choose BPP University to gain further academic progression and enhance my academic heights to the next level. This accomplishment would provide me with the strength to realize my career plan as a managerial position in a multinational company in Bangladesh. I firmly believe that MSC offered by your university its tailor-made for me to take the next step towards my career and my goal.

The modules will be taught like Accounting in Business, Management Accounting, Finance Accounting, Taxation, Corporate and Business law which will help me to do the necessary research and improve my understanding skills. The MSc course consists of a highly effective combination of lectures, small group sessions and online learning. I will work alongside people from diverse backgrounds, including experienced industry professionals, all within a business-orientated environment. 

BPP University will be leading University with an international reputation for academic excellence that provides an outstanding student and learning experience underpinned by research, enterprise and the professions. BPP University is a research-rich, business-focused, professional university with a global reputation for academic excellence. BPP University has been highly ranked in a range of categories that students think are important to their university experience as a whole. Student satisfaction, employability, sporting achievements and international recruitment are all areas where BPP University scores highly compared to other institutions. The campus is fully equipped with computers for personal study and research in your free time. Meeting students at the university is also a huge opportunity for me in that I will learn what has worked within their communities in terms of business management, what methodologies they have used and how I could integrate them in my home action plan. 

The UK offers students the opportunity to gain an internationally recognised and respected academic qualification. It’s a wonderful place to study because of its high-quality educational infrastructure, world-class teaching methodology, rich heritage, and diverse culture. It is a well-known fact that the UK as a destination is chosen by the student from all around the world as there are numerous universities in the UK that are internationally recognized.UK Education system is one of the best across the globe. The UK provides a distinctive kind of education and learning style adopted by Universities will make an individual innovative, creative and makes them think independently. UK Education system provides a chance to develop knowledge levels, improve skill sets in the particular subject area, gives freedom to be creative, and supports to achieve your best in academic terms. Studying in the UK will help to develop excellent language skills. UK education has a strong international reputation for excellence.

By studying at a UK University, I will receive a quality education that would lay a strong foundation for my future success. UK’s climate and low crime rate make it a safe and secure country to live in. The UK is one of the top three countries preferred by International Students for further education.

I am very passionate and would be extremely happy to be a part of your esteemed university.

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