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Sample UK Student Visa Interview Questions [Update 2020]

We have collected a list of questions for our students who would attend the UK student visa interviews. The questioner might ask a variety of questions from different groups. Every student should prepare themselves following the questions.

Why the UK?

  • What is the Purpose of your trip?
  • Why do you wish to study in the UK and not in the USA or your country?
  • What if you get a UK degree here, would you like to go to the UK again for higher studies?
  • Why did you select the UK for high Education? Isn’t this course offered by any University or college in UK/ India/ Australia/ Canada

About the university/college? (UK visa interview questions 2020)

  • How many Universities did you apply?
  • Which universities did you apply to (both admits and rejects)?
  • Which universities accepted you?
  • Why did you choose the University of ———— and how did you find about it?
  • Can you mention the names of some Professors?
  • Did you receive any scholarship?
  • Where is your university located in the UK? Do you know how to reach ——?
  • Which is your campus? Where is it located?

About your courses? (UK visa interview questions 2020)

  • What course are you going for?
  • Why did you select this course? Is it relevant to your previous studies?
  • Why are you taking this course?
  • What is the course structure and content?
  • Why don’t you do this course in your country?
  • How long will studies last?
  • What is the scope of your course?
  • What do you plan to study at university?
  • What is the course commencement date?
  • What will be the total cost of tuition?
  • (if you have changed the field of specialisation, e.g. you have done BE Mechanical and now going for Masters in Business or Computer) why do you want to change your stream?
  • What steps have you taken to ensure that you will be able to perform well in the new field you wish to change to?
  • Where will you stay in the UK?

Your academic background?

  • Where did you do your last course of study?
  • What is your specialization?
  • What is your higher school, degree or master’s % or grade?
  • What are your subjects in the last course of study ( high school, degree or master)?

About your current job/business

  • Show your Experience Certificate. (if applicable)
  • (If you are currently working) Why are you leaving your current job?

IELTS / PTE / English waiver / personal course-related questions:

  • Can you show me your IELTS/ TOFEL/PTE
  • Have taken any English Test ( in case English is waived)
  • On what grounds you managed to get a waiver for English?
  • Who took your interview? Was it through Skype/ telephonic or personal?
  • Your scores are low? Why?
  • Are you going for a pre sectional course? (for students going on pre seasonal English or those who are at B1 level)
  • What is the duration of your Pre Sectional course?
  • What is the fee of your pre sectional?
  • Are you confident that after doing a processional course you will be able to move to B2 level?

About your family (UK visa interview questions 2020)

  • What does your father do?
  • How many brothers and sisters do you have?
  • What is your father’s / family annual income?
  • Where your brother/parents did complete their studies.
  • Do you have a brother/sister, or any other relative already at this university or in the UK?
  • Where did your brother/parents complete their studies?
  • Are you married?
  • Where is your spouse?
  • Will your spouse accompany you?
  • Your spouse profile/ profession/ qualifications/ background?
  • Has your spouse been to the UK ? If yes, when and for how long?
  • What proof do you have for marriage?
  • For how long have you been married?
  • Why have you decided to go to the UK after marriage?
  • What is your spouse income?

Sponsor and financial details

  • Have you got any Loans? What are the sources of income of your sponsor?
  • How do you plan to repay your loan?
  • What proof do you have that your sponsor can support your studies?
  • Who is paying for your education and what is his/her income?
  • Who is sponsoring you?
  • Could you please show me the passbook or bank statements?
  • How many people are dependents of your sponsor?
  • How much money is available for your stay in UK?
  • What is your tuition fee? How much have you paid? When and how?
  • Have you got any scholarship?
  • What will be your living expense?
  • How will you pay your balance fees and manage living expense?

Career prospects

  • What are you plans after completing your studies? Have you researched your career prospects?
  • What will you do after completing BA/BSc/BS/PGD/MA/MBA/MS/MSc?
  • What will you do after coming back to Home?
  • How much money can you earn after your completion of studies?
  • What are your future plans after completion of your studies?
  • Do you intend to work in the UK during or after completion of your studies?
  • How can you prove that you will come back after finishing your studies?

Relatives in the UK

  • Do you have any relatives in the UK?
  • Do you know anyone (in the UK) at your University?


  • Have you ever visited any other country?
  • Will you come back to home during summers?
  • What will you do during the off period/semester?
  • (for students who have done some course or degree from the UK and applying again) You have already done one degree or course from the UK?