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Choose the Self-Publishing Package that Works For You

Progemini Publishing offers a range of self-publishing packages designed to meet all independent authors’ needs, requirements and budgets. We offer the Standard PackageAdvanced PackagePremier Package, Bookseller Package and Bestseller Package, as well as the Bespoke Package, which is tailored to each author’s specific needs and budget. Each publishing package contains four common elements – publication, typographical layout, global distribution and personal support – followed by a range of editorial, sales and marketing services.

·        Author Remains in Control of Their Publication

·        Free Support Available Throughout

·        Packages Tailored to Authors’ Goals 

·        Why Authors Choose New Generation Publishing

In order to guarantee satisfaction for the author, we will send electronic proofs enabling them to see how the book will look once published. If at this stage, the author wishes to make changes, they can. Until we receive written confirmation from the author, that they are completely satisfied by the typographical layout and the cover design, we will not proceed with the publication. The author will also receive the first printed copy of the book for approval before it is made available via Progemini Publishing’s global distribution channels.