ProGemini Consultancy Group

Partner University/College

Progemini Consultancy Group is working relentlessly to help the ambitious students to enroll at their dream Universities/Colleges in UK, Europe, Australia, & Canada because we want to ensure that potential young people are getting best education from developed world; at the same time Universities/Colleges are recruiting most potential, talented & culturally diverse students around the globe. As such, we have built up one to one relationship effectively with different Universities/Colleges & other partner organisations which are also working on Higher education. We value each and every University’s standard, heritage, procedures, so we can build a bridge effectively between right University and best potential students. We are currently working with lots of Universities of UK, Sweden, Ireland, Norway, Germany, Australia & Canada. Progemini Team is supported and guided closely by the Universities’ Admission officers, Academics and International office. You can find lists of Universities/Colleges in respective countries’