ProGemini Consultancy Group


·         We distinguish ourselves in the market through our initiative to research the market, to interview successful professionals, to determine who have the highest motivation, potential and ability to succeed, and to target companies on their behalf as their future potential employers.

·         We aim to add value in each step of the recruitment process to maximize the successful completion of the assignment and we share this with you.

·         We approach you only when we have the best candidates that could not only fit, but bring an added value to your organization.

·         Progemini Recruitment connects you with the right professionals.

·         We understand how important it is to have the right people at the right places. In order to achieve this, we offer you complex solutions, both in:

·         Contingency Recruitment

·         Retained Assignments


We are not just a CV forwarding agency. For the best possible results, our recruitment process includes the following:

             Job Analysis & Job Profiling

             Targeted Advertising

             Candidate Profiling & Assessment

             Reference Checking

             Closure (How to make an offer)

We are happy to offer you advice regarding your organisation structure, analysis of your current and forecast of your future personnel needs, motivation and performance of your current and future employees. 

We appreciate how important it is to understand each clients business, where the recruiting role fits into the client’s structure, enabling us to provide a tailor made service which achieves successful results either on-going for established clients or to run and manage short-term new recruitment campaigns.

We are passionate about selecting the best for you.